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  • Incorporated in December 2018, Arthan Finance Private Limited endeavours to transform small businesses with an objective to provide growth capital to self-employed entrepreneurs, MSMEs in India with innovative products and services blended with local expertise while ensuring seamless and personalised delivery in a highly technology enabled environment. These products will deliver convenient and affordable access to credit to self-employed entrepreneurs and micro enterprises who are by and large excluded from the formal financial sector either directly or indirectly.

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“To transform small businesses by offering innovative & customised financial products blended with local expertise through a technology enabled environment for the missing middle and help them rise above”


“Be a preferred financial partner and act as a growth catalyst to small businesses enabling them for job creation, improvement of their financial & social well-being and contribute towards economic development”


A - Accountability:We take ownership towards our work commitments to all the stakeholders. We pledge for persistent efforts to pursue excellence and winning through the culture of accountability.
R - Respect: Respect requires consideration and helpfulness. We accept and appreciate the unique ideas, beliefs, culture, dignity, personal situations, values, priorities and privacy of our employees and stakeholders.
T -Transparency:We encourage openness and trust, conduct our activities with standard policy guidelines and create clear communication channels with internal as well as external stakeholders by soliciting feedback.
H -Honesty:We foster an environment of fairness, integrity & truthfulness. We take pride in being ethical & socially responsible as we strive to do what is right and fair for our customers and each other.
A -Agility: We are nimble, proactive and decisive in this dynamic ever changing competitive business environment. We adapt quickly to new growth opportunities within our existing or entire new business.
N -Nurture: We believe in nurturing innovation, people, process and culture to make Arthan stronger and future ready.